The innovative design of the BOZ BOX™ helps you organize, secure and conveniently store your gear in the rear of your truck bed!  Rotate it onto the tailgate and you have a Bed Extender!  In addition, the BOZ BOX™ can be removed without tools in seconds and collapsed for easy storage.  

Installed, the BOZ BOX™ enhances the look of your truck.  While sensitive to the latest design trends in the automotive industry, the BOZ BOX™ has a look that is architected, with lines and structure that are meaningful to its purpose.

Convenient Secure Rugged & UV Resistant Smart for the Environment Compatible
Positioned at the rear of the bed, just open the lid and you have easy access to your gear! Everything is within reach. With a locked tailgate, you can secure your box with two interior lid locks (included). For added protection, we've added padlock loops on the outside. The BOZ BOX™ is made of the highest quality mineral reinforced glass fiber nylon resin blend. Through the use of this proprietary state-of-the-art material, the BOZ BOX™ is nearly indestructible.
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The BOZ BOX™ is made from recycled material!!
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The BOZ BOX™ fits beneath most bed covers.